Jana Schuberth | Peak Performance Coach
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Authentic human connections light me up.

Knowing that we all are always in transition puts my heart and mind at ease.

Striving for continuous growth and high standards in life makes you inspirational to me.


Quality questions are my art.

Resolving limiting belief and identity structures are my craft.


Whether you are the CEO, the intern, a new business owner or spouse desiring different results – you’re keen to grow and landed here.

You know that there is a different level, a higher standard, a more exciting life available to you.

That’s what I would like to create with you.

That is what makes me feel alive.

The three pillars of my work

1:1 (Executive) Coaching
identity, core belief and behavioural change work
Coaching work that skips level one and two and goes straight to the core: your self, your thoughts, your fears, your needs and desires.
When seemingly nothing else has brought real lasting change.
You’ve read the books and done the work, but still experienced the same results. When change did not stick. When you know what you want and how,… but.
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Conference & Community Movement
human transformation and social impact
The power of in person human connection + community and friendship + shared beliefs and values + a judgement free, supportive environment + European diversity = Alive, the annual conference in Berlin and its international network of outstanding people.
Together, we create the change we want to see in the world. First in our own lives, then everywhere else. Because it matters.
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Speaking, Workshops & Consulting
organisational behaviour and culture shift consulting

Big organisations have big impact. On the individual, the society, the customer, the industry. All of these change constantly. Sometimes doing things differently can be hard, but not impossible.

I help create openness, leverage and commitment to the permanent improvement of the attitudes and behaviours of your workforce. And thus deliver concrete bottom line results.

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I express my absolute passion for real human connection and deep behavioural change in my daily work as a highly skilled business woman and worldwide coach, consultant and speaker and as the CEO and Founder of Alive in Berlin, Europe’s most alive community of lifestyle and social entrepreneurs. With an insatiable curiosity, I pursue and employ newly emerging technologies and tools of the world of psychology, CBT, coaching and NLP, to create lasting personal and organisational change, underpinned by enoughness, an understanding of the individual’s environment and emotional leverage that goes way beyond ‘SMART goals’ and ’Start with Why’.

Results  speak louder than words

Nomad Gallery

Jana’s Life as a Global Citizen and location independent entrepreneur