Jana Schuberth | About
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Welcome To My Virtual Home

I express my absolute passion for real human connection and deep behavioural change in my daily work as a highly skilled business woman and worldwide coach, consultant and speaker, as well as the CEO and Founder of Alive in Berlin, a conference for lifestyle and social entrepreneurs. With an insatiable curiosity, I pursue and employ newly emerging technologies and tools of the world of psychology and coaching such as CBT and NLP, to create lasting personal and organisational change based on the concepts of ‘enoughness’ and ‘okayness’ instead of lack and wrong doing. This work goes way beyond ‘SMART goals’ and ’knowing your Why’.


My background as a PR journalist and marketer and 5-year stint in Finance as a Chartered Accountant /CPA in both the professional services and commercial industries allows me to support my clients with a strong appreciation of the business context, net profits and human behaviour.


A born German, I have spent 2003-2014 in the UK and then became a “Digital Nomad” or as I like to call it “Global Citizen”, living and working from anywhere in the world. Recent ‘homes’ have been Oah’u, Hawaii; Bali, Indonesia; Nairobi, Kenya; Phuket, Bangkok and Koh Lanta, Thailand; Zurich, Switzerland; Helsinki, Finland; Berlin/ Germany; Amsterdam/ Netherlands; London/UK; Las Palmas/ Gran Canaria and California, USA.

I am known for sharing pictures of my workspaces and my dearly loved coffees (#coffice) and the amazing places I am visiting on social media and inspiring others to create outstanding lives for themselves.

Coach Training and Certifications

Especially due to the fact that our industry is not formally regulated, I chose my training institution very carefully. My coach training is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I also choose to adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and the UK Data Protection Act. I was also honoured to take the Advanced Coaches Skills Training at Robbins Research International and to join the most qualified and results driven coaches in the world. I am wholeheartedly committed to my own continuous development and continuously work with a mentor coach / supervisor and have completed the following training courses over the years:

– ICF accredited life and business coach training at New U Coaching Edinburgh
– Certificate of Professional Coaching Practice (CPCP), New-U-Coaching, Edinburgh
– Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS)
– First Class BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing Communication, De Montfort University, UK
– Certified Strengthscope Coach
Anthony Robbins related training:
– Robbins Research International Advanced Skills Training
– Unleash The Power Within event (twice)
– Ultimate Edge
– Personal Power II
– Time of Your Life
– Living Health
– Path to Permanent Weight Loss
– Creating Lasting Change
– The Ultimate Relationship
– Crazy-Making to Love-Making
– Mastering Influence
– The New Money Masters Series