Jana Hendrickson | Peak Performance Coach
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“Success Without Fulfilment Is Failure”

~ Tony Robbins

You are a busy, successful person. Most likely a business owner or Exec. You’re at a crossroads in your career. You’ve worked yourself into a good position, grew your business, maybe even got an MBA and other accolades along the way, but you’re just not really enjoying it anymore. Missing purpose, meaning, growth, a good challenges and the feeling of contributing to something beyond yourself?


Trouble is, what got you here won’t get you there.


You’ve understood that in order to grow your business, your body of work, and to deepen your joy and fulfilment, you have to grow your self. You most likely have read all the books or at least have them sat on the shelf already, but somehow, you are still wrestling with the big questions and that uncomfortable uncertainty around


What’s next?


I work (mostly with men) to answer those questions. To clarify what “Freedom”, “Purpose” and “Success” actually really mean to YOU. We dive deep into the world of Emotional Mastery and Fulfilment Psychology so you can enjoy the Now as well as the future.

Together we create massive professional accomplishments and new and exciting goals that DO make you jump out of bed again and put a smile on your face, money in your pocket and choices back in the mix. Be it financial independence, the freedom to work from anywhere, to work when you want, or working on (new) things that make you feel deeply fulfilled.


Because otherwise, what’s the point?

1:1 (Executive) Coaching
vision clarity, mindset
and behavioural change work
This is coaching work for business owners and execs that skips levels one and two and goes straight to the core: Your real desires, the elements of true fulfilment, emotional mastery, dealing with fears and self-doubt, understanding success, your personal needs and the peak performance mindset.
Powerfully deep and real lasting change. Clarity, freedom and peace of mind.
You’ve read the books, now it’s time to put them into action.
Focussed on the bottom line as well as the soul’s purpose.
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Speaking, Workshops & Consulting
workforce happiness
and culture shift consulting

Big organisations have big impact. On the individual, the society, the customer, the industry. All of these change constantly. Sometimes doing things differently can be hard, but not impossible.

I help create excitement, openness, leverage and commitment, so that your people know their purpose in your organisation and have drive. Feeling happier, aligned and all around more fulfilled, staff’s loyalty, productively and effectiveness results in concrete net profits for the business. Win-Win!

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I express my absolute passion for deep and meaningful human connection and the desire to help others feel success AND fulfilment in my daily work as a highly skilled business woman and worldwide coach, consultant and speaker. With an insatiable curiosity and a flexible mindset, I pursue and employ newly emerging technologies and tools of the worlds of psychology, CBT, spirituality, coaching and NLP to create lasting personal and thus organisational change.
I am a former Tony Robbins Results Coach and am well versed in all Robbins – as well as many other – methodologies.

My core values are presence and joy, fun, enoughness and achieving meaning and purpose through our body of work and our relationships.

Privately, I have created my own dream life as a Global Citizen and have chosen a location independent lifestyle since mid 2014. Together with my Love we move quarterly between our chosen home bases in beautiful places (mostly by the ocean) in South East Asia, Europe/ UK, and the US, with just our laptops, a backpack and a suitcase and a handful of international world-changing clients. As a licensed skydiver you may sometimes find me jumping out of airplanes as well…

Results  speak louder than words

World Travel Gallery

Jana’s Life as a Global Citizen and location independent entrepreneur