Jana Hendrickson | CANI – Continuous And Never Ending Improvement
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CANI – Continuous And Never Ending Improvement

You may already be doing it. You might have seen some websites like this one or this one before.
You may have already understood that learning can happen any time, any day, in so many ways nowadays. Podcasts, Blogs, Online courses…
Are you obsessed with personal development and never ending improvement like me?

Well if you are, you’re in for a treat.

Organising the Alive in Berlin conference happening at the end of May, I have been on a very steep learning curve!
From managing a team, to commissioning and creating various pieces of digital work, to marketing via Facebook and Retargeting campaigns, building relationships, speaking, and serving a much larger audience – I had to learn a lot and fast! Luckily I feel that I have amazing resources at my finger tips!

From my previous years in business I have luckily developed the mindset of a scientist: I try something, see how it works and then try something else. But consistency and persistence have become some virtues I had to play and learn with. Most importantly I needed to become really good at listening to what people want and understand how I can express what we have to offer in a really connecting, authentic kind of way.

That’s why I wanted to share these two phenomenal courses with you from Seth Godin on SkillsShare:

The Modern Marketing Workshop

The New Business Toolbox: Help Your New Business Do It Right The First Time

The Modern Marketing Workshop - Skillshare

Whilst you enjoy learning about the new way to market yourself, also check out the blog of my dear friend and colleague Jeff Riddle who wrote about
“The secret to building deep and meaningful business relationships” here. It’ll fundamentally change how you think about your clients.

This week, my invitation to you is to go out and learn about something you think you already know.

Here are some of the coolest places I know and love learning from myself:

▪ Skillshare
▪ Creative Live
▪ Lynda
▪ Khan Academy
▪ Podcasts like these
▪ or this one
▪ and soooo many more.

Do share which resources YOU love by replying to this email and we’ll include them for everyone else next time!

Keep rocking!