Jana Schuberth | “I’m having an affair”
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“I’m having an affair”

“I’m having an affair” :: Resources On Love, Relationships and Passionate Sex ::

“I am having an affair, Jana” said a client to me not long ago. “I haven’t spoken with anyone about this, but I just feel so torn and confused about what I want from my relationships!”

Undeniably, our relationships are a huge part of our lives. So naturally, this is not the first time a client shares their personal dilemma.

Whether we want more passion in an existing partnership or find a life partner – the topics of love, relationships and passion come up often in our coaching sessions. They are fundamental to our sense of aliveness, our success in business and our levels of happiness. They cannot be ignored and often give insights into what we desire and need at a deep level.

Let’s Talk About Sex

It’s never failed to amaze me how little especially sex and marriage (and their challenges) are talked about openly and transparently, whether within a relationship or outside.
I recently shared this blog post on some intimate practices on Facebook (check it out, it’s awesome!), which stirred up a lot of comments and discussions, showing that some people were uncomfortable even to read such explicit language or with me sharing it publicly. It just went to show that we’re not all quite as open and enlightened as we pretend to be.

Since relationships and all its parts are fundamental in our human experience I believe it is time that we all learn more about ourselves, our desires and relationship dynamics and so I want to share these resources today that I frequently recommend to my clients:



Intimate Communion
by David Deida

For couples separating:


Conscious Uncouplin – Turning A Breakup Into A Breakthrough
with Katherine Woodward Thomas on Cutting Edge Consciousness


On Understanding Men:


Keys to the Kingdom
By Alison Armstrong

On Understanding Themselves:



Way of a Superior Man
By David Deida

I hope you enjoy these!

If you have any thoughts or questions and don’t want to comment on the blog then just hit reply and email me.

Sunny greetings from The Surf Office in Las Palmas, Canary Islands,

Jana xo