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It is such a joy to work with people across the globe who are dedicated to making the most out of life. They inspire me to be more and give more and I learn from them as much as they from me. Over the past seven years, I’ve had the honour to coach, consult and teach well over 2000 sessions with some 300 outstanding private and corporate clients and help them take their lives, loves and businesses to the next level. Here they share what their coaching journey has been like.

Graeme Mapstone of Incisive Recruitment Group talks about the difference of success and fulfilment and what he learnt through his coaching experience about what truly makes him happy.

Glenda, Dana and Gia are kindly sharing about me and how I work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them as my peers during a retreat for women entrepreneurs in Phoenix, Arizona.

Alan shares his transformation story from running his own veg box delivery company to beginning his personal quest of walking 400 miles from Manchester to Dingle, Ireland raising almost £25,000 for mental health charities to commemorate his sister. This in turned sparked a career as a writer and inspirational speaker and nature guide which recently took him and his whole family to live in Italy.

Jana coaches Hayley, a chef and restauranteur in the UK, on her felt lack of success using Tony Robbins’ 6 Basic Human Needs. Together they uncover a childhood story that keeps Hayley playing a smaller game in her business.
If you don’t have much time, skip ahead to min 51:50 where Hayley has a big breakthrough insight!

Meera is a young caring Indian who came to Germany to work for a global corporation and be with her husband. She came to coaching when she was starting to question her purpose and fulfilment from work and shares her deeply personal story of transformation during her coaching work with me.

A glorious testimony to the amazing life changes one of my clients in Australia has created for herself and the impact life coaching can have when you are truly dedicated to making your dreams come true. It had me in tears!


Rakesh Patel (UK)

White Rose CrossFit 

Where do I begin! Coach Jana has totally changed my life in ways words can't describe. In each coaching session I was making huge leaps forward to totally changing my life. It couldn't have gone any better! I would not be where I am right now without her guidance. I have that feeling of inner peace,...
contentment and joy. She has put me in touch with my true nature and it’s off-the-chart-amazing! She opened my eyes and my heart to realising my true potential, the potential that everyone has inside of them. The journey was fun, emotional and challenging but it’s what led me to what I’m going to call paradise. Asking Jana to coach me is THE best decision I’ve ever made in my life, PERIOD! Thank you, Coach! – Rakesh

Daniel Mirastian (RO)

Sales Manager

I've had the pleasure of working with Jana for more than a year. During this time she has coached me and helped me reconnect with my family. But most importantly, Jana has taught me to stay true to my heart in both personal relationships and my career. As a result, I am now married to an amazing woman...
and enjoy all of the love and passion that I was searching for for a long time. Thank you, Jana! God bless you!”  – Daniel

Moira Monney (UK)

Health Coach

Working with Jana has been nothing short of amazing! It was like having a business partner without the negatives. Thanks to Jana, I not only increased my income from my existing translation business, but also found the courage to launch my dream business in an area I am deeply passionate about...
: health and wellbeing. I really appreciated Jana’s insights, especially in marketing and finance. She always challenged me to look for new perspectives, had book tips to help me go deeper, and also connected me to some amazing people. I will definitely work with her again in the future. Thank you, Jana, for the awesome work you do!  – Moira

Deborah Chalk (GER)

Life Coach

I have worked for a year and a half with Jana and continue to work with her. It is such a valuable investment in myself, my business and my family. I have moved from England to Germany and she helped me through that transition and making a huge success of it. She helped me to go from dreaming of being a coach...
to gaining my Martha Beck Coach training and then Certification and then through setting up my business in Germany.

Without her would I have got so far? No way. Without her I would be doubting myself and my ability a lot more and putting obstacles in the way of myself that did not need to be there.

She is super bright intellectually, in her emotional intelligence and as an amazing light in the world. She opens my mind and soul up to new realisations that help me go about the time between calls differently. The calls cast their warm light on all that follows. This is transformative, deep, powerful, rock your socks coaching.

With Jana on your team the whole game changes.” – Deborah

Guy How (FIN)

How Violins

Working with Jana has been a totally transformative experience. Both professionally and personally. She has an ability to ask exactly the right question at precisely the right moment to help you move forward on your path. Without judgement or bias, she skilfully guides you toward helping you see...
what you really want and need.
Over the course of a year, I was able to increase my business revenue by 34% , train for a 540km 24 hour bike ride and start a whole new career path. I’m now retraining in a career that lights me up and has me excited to be working towards.
It’s so important to have someone asking better quality questions of you and shining light on your limiting beliefs. If you are looking for results, you can get them with Jana. Bring the best out of yourself and into your life. Give her a call, it could well change your life. – Guy

Martin Hassan (AUS)

Business Performance Coach

Wow, it’s been just over two years since I was first introduced to Jana! What a journey it’s been. When we first spoke, I was working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week in a job that didn’t fulfil me. I was unhealthy, unhappy and stressed. I got so used to this lifestyle; I didn’t know how to get out of it. One of the biggest benefits...
I got straight away from Jana’s coaching was clarity and focus on what is important and what it is that I really want in life. I had built so many roadblocks and excuses in front of me I had forgotten this critical first component of fulfilment – know what you want!
The next step was to go get it. Jana once again has an innate ability to shift you to a positive state and to focus on the outcome you desire. The tools, and visualisations she walked me through gave me the inner belief and courage to go for what was going to make me happy.
Since Jana started coaching me, I have been in the best shape of my life. I got a six-pack for the first time ever. I left the job that was sucking the life from me and I travelled the world, and experienced everything on my bucket list (time to create a new one!). I have grown so much as a person; it’s hard to explain in words. My self-awareness has grown to a level where I take control of my life before it takes control of me. I’m now living in QLD Australia and I have found a career where I live my passion on a daily basis. Oh and now I only work 6 months of the year and make more than double compared to my old career that was sucking the life out of me.
Has Jana contributed to this? She has been the most influential person on helping me to discover my true direction and helping me walk the path. I can’t thank her enough!!” Marty
Thanks to Jana I made huge and brave steps. Today on the last day of 2014, I look back on a wonderful, rich and life-changing year. Gifting myself with the most inspiring birthday-party, speaking in front of 130 people in a foreign language and quitting my engineering job are only the tip of the iceberg...
Without Jana’s coaching – I cannot imagine that I would have done this. I am honoured to be working with Jana for about 1.5 years now. What I love most about her coaching? She is a 1) belief-transform-ninja, 2) a highly kick-butt lady and 3) a never-ending source of inspiration!
As a multi-passionate and an overachiever, she keeps me focusing on the necessary and important things. At the end of a coaching call we agree upon some goals to achieve for the next call. I confess that I’ve had clammy hands aka #leaveyourcomfortzone several times after our calls.
Fortunately, I extended my coaching contract and my spot is safe, that is why I shared those secrets with you :).
Do you want to skyrock your life too? Invest in yourself!
1. I quit my relationship with Mr. Perfectionism and started a new one with Mr. Pareto 80/20.
2. I started blogging and ran my first half-marathon. Yay! I am sure that writing my master-thesis in spring 2015 will be smooth and laser-focused.
3. Listening to my calling as well and do what I love. Tonight on New Year’s Eve, I will welcome my new life: Hello Self-Employment! ”- Lea

Dominik Hopko (POL)

Accounting and Finance Graduate

I am a 24 year old Accounting and Finance student from Poland. The first time I met Jana was during her keynote at De Montfort University in Leicester. I was very impressed by her speech about choosing the work you love and living your life fully. Some days later, Jana coached me which gave me...
a lot of food for thought. I remember that I was so excited about what I had learnt that some weeks later during the Christmas Eve supper at my family home, these conversations were the main topic.
A few months later, we met face to face at a cosy café in Leicester for a follow up chat. Jana ignited within me a huge amount of power and motivation. She helped me to believe in my skills and completely changed the way I think about myself. She boosted my self-confidence so much that I got rid of many weaknesses. Finally, when I went to the assessment day, looking to get hired by the Disney Corporation, I felt certain about my abilities and successfully got a 12 months placement in its headquarters in London. Jana is an excellent coach. Her positive and warm personality causes that you to not want to finish a conversation with her. Moreover, she is a great listener and professional in every aspect. Definitely, she has helped me a lot and is a part of my very own success story. I would recommend Jana to everyone!” – Dominik

Wendy Hammond (UK)

Psychotherapist & Coach

Jana is a magical combination of intuitive wisdom and solid powerful resources – both of which she generously shares. She has that rare gift of being able to hear what bigger purpose is trying to come out from beneath the minutiae of daily life. There is a deep kindness to her way of doing things...
that takes my frazzled overwhelmed state and transforms it into a calm flow of focused tasks. My productivity always rises sharply after a session with Jana, along with my sense of well-being. – Wendy

Marthe Hagen (NO)

Writer & Creative

Jana is totally adorable and a force of positive energy. She has an optimism that is really contagious and I’ve always found myself in a really good mood after our sessions. As a coach, Jana is practical and has a really great feel of what you need right there and then. She shares her wisdom and experience happily,...
and I always get really inspired to read the resources she recommends on the subjects we talk about. Usually, I find it a little hard to trust people, but I had no trouble opening up to Jana. She’s a really good listener, and she’s also not afraid to speak when she feels you need a little wake-up-call. I truly recommend Jana to anyone who is looking for a coach!”  Marthe

Barry Cridland (UK)


I needed a coach to help me make some life defining decisions, who could relate to what I was going through and knew how I was feeling. After looking hard, I found Jana who had similar experiences and who spoke my language. Jana helped me make one single decision that shaped...
how our relationship would develop, the result of which saved me loads of time and energy looking in the wrong direction. She showed a lot of belief in me which is what I valued in our discussions and helped me map out how I could fine tune my business/marketing for greater success.”  – Barry

Shannon Falkenstein (SV)

Executive & Career Coach

I signed on with Jana because I didn’t even know how to begin setting up my coaching website. In just three thirty minute sessions over three weeks’ time, I had already launched my site! She helped me slice through the confusion like a hot knife through butter.  – Shannon

Ania Nowicki (NL)

Health & Food Coach

Before working with Jana, I felt quite lost about who I should be working with, i.e. what my niche market was. I was always passionate about coaching people and helping them get healthy, but I was trying to be all things to everyone and unable to speak confidently about what I do. This also meant that...
I was struggling to attract clients. Jana was incredibly patient and sensitive as I went through the coaching process. She gave me space to think and was very reassuring. Her perceptiveness was acutely accurate. The prep homework was very helpful in starting the thought flow and the follow up work really got me to nail my niche market. I now feel very clear and far more confident about what I do! I am a health and food coach and I work with men and women who suffer from nagging health problems and just want to feel awesome and full of energy and beans! I help them by teaching them how to prepare and cook delicious and nutritious foods for them and their family. This is me!” – Ania

Chris Willis (UK)

Business Owner

I felt that my business was not achieving its potential, and I was feeling de-motivated and worrying about finance. I blamed myself for shortcomings which were preventing me from trading more successfully. I had heard from friends and colleagues that coaching could help with this. I picked Jana because...
after meeting her at a business networking event, I felt that she was down to earth and spoke my language. She also had a sense of humour, which I felt would be necessary!

We started by examining why I was feeling de-motivated, and why I thought that the perceived lack of success of my business was down to my shortcomings. I set goals for myself and my business, and identified steps that would alleviate the worries I had about finance and growing the business. We talked about marketing and selling, and how to challenge negative thought patterns that were holding me back. The biggest result we achieved was the ability for me to take a step back, and realise that the problems which I had previously put down to my own shortcomings were in fact caused by other factors. Having identified this, we explored other avenues of income, which would alleviate my financial problems. By thinking differently about my business and my goals, I was able to secure another income, which I had not even vaguely considered previously.

What I love about Jana is that even though I am by nature a pessimist, she does not allow any negative statements I may make about myself go unchallenged. If I say “I couldn’t do that”, she always asks me if I’m sure, and what evidence I have to back this thought up. Of course, she is nearly always right, and this has helped me feel more positive about myself.”
– Chris

Ian Thompson (UK)

Equality & Diversity Advisor

I identified coaching as a way of improving many aspects of my work such as motivation, relationships with colleagues and despite my track record, I felt there was an issue of myself lacking confidence to assert myself in a senior role. There are people and situations that I struggled to work with...
in an effective and professional manner. I just needed to feel comfortable within my role. Finally, I felt my personal and professional development had become somewhat stagnated and felt that coaching could would unlock this.

Jana emanates the key ingredients which made the relationship work. Honesty, attentiveness, patience, congruence and that unconditional positive regard which is so important when working with sensitive and personal issues. Moreover, Jana has the ability to ‘tell it like it is’ very effectively and appropriately. I felt this to be extremely valuable as I felt Jana enabled me to find my own answers. It wasn’t easy, but it was a very enjoyable journey. I get the sense that you get out of coaching what you put in. Jana has a non-judgemental attitude which is so essential when working on personal development.

We worked on changing my way of thinking around some of the major aspects of my being. It has been nothing short of a revelation of the simple notion to changing the way you deal or even view a situation. Whenever something takes place, whether you initially see it as negative, if you simply apply a positive spin on it and approach it with optimism then it is very likely that your concerns are ill-founded. Another area of personal development was an action plan for me to implement changes in my life, more importantly take control of aspects of my life that I previously felt was left to chance. This has had an enormous positive impact on me. Finally, Jana enabled me to look at the positive aspects of my life experiences, informing and reminding me of my achievements and as I’ve achieved so much that I shouldn’t doubt myself.

A big eye opener for me was to look at the 6 human needs. This was very significant to me as it explained the reasoning behind the actions of both mine and other people. Explaining to some degree why we carried out certain tasks. The most significant aspect that came about as a result of the work Jana and I did was the restoration of my self-belief. This is something that has somewhat eroded as a result of the trials and tribulations of life. Jana provided me with tools to protect and care for myself to cope with the demands that life brings.

Jana has a wonderful personality. A way of working that enables you to achieve what you want to. Cutting through the crap and dealing with the underlying issue in such an swift, effective and appropriate manner is a skill that Jana possesses in abundance. I have been left with a renewed enthusiasm not only for my career but my life in general. I just wish I’d undertaken this work sooner.

Susan Viljoen (ZA)

Martha Beck Life Coach

A Letter from Susan: Dear Jana,The three sessions I spent with you over the past month have been so valuable to me. After my father’s death the massive task of re-collaging my life into a different format seemed so daunting that I did not foresee any possibility of making serious progress in building my...
practice before next year.

My inner chaos was mirrored exactly by the messy piles of notes and papers that were irritating me when we started working together. I realized that if I sorted that out, it would help with my inner chaos, but I was overwhelmed.

After our first conversation, it took me exactly 7 days to sort the piles out, AND  I did it in a way that was so much better than my previous system. You encouraged me to find ways my new system would fit me, and serve me, and nobody else.

In the process I found myself coming up with all the answers, which is exactly what a good coach accomplishes for her clients!

Also, our conversations were a catalyst for some other things during the weeks we worked together, although we never spoke about those things. You showed me a way I can be myself even in tasks I don’t like, that I don’t need to make the tasks unpleasant as well as challenging for myself, and this confidence has spilled over in other areas in my life.

I now feel that I have made a lot of progress already in my business and that a lot more will still happen before the end of this year – so contrary to what I was thinking a month ago.

I am truly grateful for your peaceful face and voice and your presence that ended up meaning more to me in this time than I ever expected from working with you.

To your future success!

Clare L., (UK)

Chartered Accountant

As you know, I always come away from our conversations feeling invigorated & able to change whatever I want to. Id say that comes from a combination of knowing that you have made the move that you have and your inspiring manner.  – Clare

Beatrice Dähler (GER)

Agile Coach & SCRUM Master

Jana is a wonderful person with a big heart. She gave me back what I hadn’t requested from myself in a long time: Passion for my life and the courage to make my dreams become reality.  – Beatrice

Neena S. (UK)

Mompreneur & Creative

Jana has a magical quality, she is a kind, sensible and caring person and in the same time a powerful one. Jana is very professional and I felt immediately in good hands when I talked to her the very first time...
She awoke my awareness and my responsibility towards my life which helped me to move forward and see things from another point of view as up till now I was only focusing my energy on my family. Jana is truly a lovely person who has helped me see the light… thank you!  – Neena

Jessica R. (UK)

Psychological Therapist

I had just finished my post graduate training, and even though I was qualified for a particular type of employment, I felt a bit stuck with my job hunting and felt quite resistant to applying for jobs – I couldn’t find...
any that felt quite right for me and my needs. I saw Jana’s presentation [at the De Montfort University Accounting and Finance career fair] and found it interesting and thought that coaching might be something that could help me. I had a good impression of Jana. She seemed friendly, approachable, and inspiring.

I had two sessions with Jana, with some homework before the first session, in-between the two sessions, and after the second session. Homework was geared at either helping me understand myself better, or helping me find out more about my job choices so that I could make more informed decisions about my options. The talking that we did during sessions also helped me in these areas. After the second session and related homework I felt like I knew where I was going and that I did not need further sessions.

I think the biggest results for me happened in the first session. Jana challenged me on two things. Firstly, that my chosen career neglected arts/craft/creativity, which I love and have really missed over recent years as I have been so busy with my training course. Although I am happy with my career choice, I did gain the insight that I need to make some time in my personal life for this, even just as a hobby, to help me feel more balanced and content. Secondly, she challenged my closed mindedness about becoming self-employed. Even though I have been very drawn to self-employment, I have always found more reasons not to take this path, mostly due to my anxieties. Jana helped me think about this and now I am preparing to begin self-employment.
Overall, I really like Jana’s energy and positive attitude.

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