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The Brain

Quick Note from Jana

Greetings from Somerset UK! I am working on a retreat weekend and my assistant, JP has written this for you!

Jana xo

The Brain

How incredibly wonderful is the human brain? It is the bodies’ supercomputer! It controls everything in the human body from the automatic to the willful and we don’t even use more than ten percent. That is powerful information, what we could do if we used more of our brain. If not that, at least we can exercise it. Just as you exercise your body to mold it in a healthy way, so to can you exercise your brain. Studies have shown that completing brain exercise activities has shown to decrease the incidence of memory loss and increase mental quickness.

This new understanding of the brain and its response to exercise has created an entire new industry based on a word coined by Drs. Katz and Rubin in 1999: neurobics. This is a term for mental exercises which are used to increase the range of mental motion by activating different parts of the brain. But while neurobics involves a specific set of exercises, studies have shown that any exercising of the brain may not only stave off brain degeneration, but in many cases also reverse memory loss and improve mental agility (To Your Health March, 2012, Vol. 06, Issue 03).

So how can you start to “work out” your brain? Here are some things to remember:

1. Be an extrovert! Join one of your local clubs and submerse yourself in stimulating conversations. Not only will you develop new friendships but these interactions will help you become closer to your family and friends.
2. Participate in exercises that will help stimulate you brain. Some of these exercises may include: rock climbing, dance, aerobics, and yoga.
3. Learn something new! Take that class on the interest you’ve always wanted to, read and write every day, learn a second language or play a musical instrument.
4. Strategy games are some of the best brain games. This is because they require you to think. Play brain exercising videogames, chess, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, or number / word games.
5. Stimulate yours senses: travel to exotic places, relax with music or scented candles, meditation or tai chi.

Lastly, nutrition is vitally important! Fish contain healthy proteins and fats the can improve your brain function. Salmon, sardines and herring are some of the choices to take note of. Different types of nuts are great too! Walnuts and sunflower seeds are some super foods that are under appreciated. There are also essential vitamins: C, E and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. Also, it’s equally important to not intake the bad stuff as well. NO PROCESSED FOODS!

Finally, most important of all, get enough sleep! Your super-computer needs to shut down for rest too.

Assistant to Jana Schuberth