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Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman

Tell me, have you read a few self-help books and blogs, done some courses or ever hired a mentor, coach, consultant or therapist with rather disappointing levels of success before finding me here today?

My guess is, you may have found yourself getting lured in by convincing marketing copy of others who appear to have it all ‘figured out’. Have you identified what’s apparently “broken and needs fixing” and spent money on those proposed solutions? …And then found yourself still struggling with the same problem after taking the course or reading the book or hiring the consultant, because, well, it didn’t work for you or didn’t stick?


Over the years I have found that there are different levels of creating change through coaching and consulting – with varying degrees of success.


Most approaches, in my experience, start on the outside, the external environment, working to define the goals and then developing strategies and tactics of how to get there.


They also make sure to let you know to ‘stop this behaviour and start doing that instead’. That you are wrong for doing what you’ve been doing so far. You’re a bad girl eating bread, a bad leader or business owner for procrastinating or not getting the sale.


But we all know that simply knowing what we need to do, that we should  “eat less and exercise more” or “save more and spend less” don’t tend to lead to permanent weight loss or a fat bank account. Neither do they lead to lasting happiness and a sense of ‘enough-ness’. Almost all of the over 200 one-on-one private and business clients I have had the joy of working with over the past 5 years, have a strong belief that there is not enough time, enough money or resources or enough of them to succeed in life and be happy. Ever. And they are absolutely committed to believing that once they get that higher income or revenue, the house, the partner, the baby, win the new business, THEN they’ll be happy.

So we find ourselves in the never ending pursuit of happiness only to find that the goal post moves every time and that there is something else we need in order to feel… happy, fulfilled, content, rich, abundant or at peace.

So my approach to coaching and consulting and creating lasting change is different.

Current and past clients

1:1 (Executive) Coaching
identity, core belief and behavioural change work
Coaching work that skips level one and two and goes straight to the core: your self, your thoughts, your fears, your needs and desires.
When seemingly nothing else has brought real lasting change. You’ve read the books and done the work, but still experienced the same results. When change did not stick. When you know what you want and how, but.
Conference & Community Movement
human transformation and social impact
The power of in person human connection + community and friendship + shared beliefs and values + a judgement free, supportive environment + European diversity = Alive, the annual conference in Berlin and its international network of outstanding people.
Together, we create the change we want to see in the world. First in our own lives, then everywhere else. Because it matters.
Speaking, Workshops & Consulting
Behavioural & Corporate Culture Change

Big organisations have big impact. On the individual, the society, the customer, the industry. All of these change constantly. Sometimes doing things differently can be hard, but not impossible. I help create openness, leverage and commitment to the permanent improvement of the attitudes and behaviours of your workforce. And thus deliver concrete bottom line results.

This work includes culture change, behavioural change, alignment of staff to company goals, creating desired behaviours to achieve sales targets and better performance at a deeper level, creating confidence in staff and  leadership coaching.


Jana’s reading list